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Open Forum: Fracturing the community?

Not sure if this will work, but since it's an Open Forum let me give it a try.

Anybody remember me? I was a poster for years on before Kinja, and helped some of you with art and information about satellite imagery. Haven't seen me lately because I've been blocked. One of the mods on the ODeck — 'Crashed pc/sarcasm' — doesn't like me for whatever reason, and I cannot post there. Even if I post in response to someone else's thread, my posts vanish into the ether. I swear to you that I did nothing to deserve this, other than complain (without profanity) about Kinja. That mod just doesn't like me.


It occurs to me that there may be several people in my situation. I've seen a few people posting to Gawker that I remember from the old ODeck but that no longer post there. The moderator in question may have gone off on a personal vendetta and made several people disappear.

So here's an open forum question: How do you feel about this? How do you feel, knowing that old friends and contributors, people you've talked with for years, can be made to disappear without a trace? Can you suggest any kind of appeals system, so that good forum citizens can plead their case?


Let's hear some opinions on whether or not this is acceptable, and suggestions for how it can be fixed. It's still early days for Kinja, so I'm sure the moderators were planning to tweak their procedures anyway.

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