Hey, O-deck!

You may have seen me mention before that I work for the Landsat program. Well, we're about to launch the next Landsat satellite, and I thought you all might want info on how to watch it.


The launch will be on Monday, February 11th, between 10:04 and 10:48 PST. You should be able to watch it on NASA TV at http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html . There's also a live webcam at http://countdown.ksc.nasa.gov/elv/index-vafb.html . After the launch, NASA should post the launch to their YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/NASATelevision .

I'll be at the visitor's viewing area about 8 miles from the rocket. If the Atlas V explodes, I'll be looking for a job and moving in with my girlfriend. :) If it goes up, I'm going to be busy all spring getting Landsat 8 into shape for prime-time use. Wish us luck!

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