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As I see it, there are only four ways for me to experience my displeasure at the new comment software and the new format of Io9 in general:

1. Speak out against it.

2. Stop contributing new topics.

3. Stop posting, so as to stop contributing to conversation.

4. Stop reading entirely.

I already did #1. #2 was forced on me by the new, elitist version of the O-Deck. So I've progressed to #3. I'm not posting anymore. This should be the last thing I ever type on I09, unless and until the software changes. Not that anyone will ever see it, but posterity needs lecturing sometimes.


If things get any worse (although I can't imagine how), then I'll progress to #4. Hopefully that won't happen. I liked this website, once upon a time, but it's an un-navigateable mess now, and I'd rather just trawl through my RSS reader for interesting news. For interesting conversation, I'm not sure where I'll go, but it is no longer possible here.

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